Heart of the Matter
May 9 to July 6, 2020


Plaques of Honour minimum donation costs. Minimum donation of $250
(One name per Plaque of Honour)

How to Sponsor


Order online. Simply fill out this form and make payment through Canada Helps as directed.


Send cheque or money order with the below form to:
PO Box 255,
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During the past few months, our great Nation and world has been turned upside down in dealing with the spread of its newest threat, the coronavirus. We all have watched great cities and our local communities shut down.

Our schools, local businesses, and streets became deserted and empty. We have been responsible citizens by socially distancing, washing our hands more than we ever have, and staying home while we listen daily to the many news reports displaying the rising statistics on positive coronavirus cases and the death toll that followed.

We have all been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and risen to the many challenges that have come our way while we stay home and wait out the storm. However, while we are safe at home, the frontline healthcare workers of the world have become our warriors overnight.

The dangers our frontline healthcare workers are facing at this very moment are very real and there have been many who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in their Hippocratic call of duty and fallen ill or died of the virus. They have died by trying to help the sick and most vulnerable. The ones still standing go to work every day knowing today may be the day they themselves become infected or, God forbid, they bring the virus home to their loved ones.

They live apart from their children and spouses, work tirelessly to contain the virus while treating the infected, and pray for their coworkers and families’ safety until the day it will all be over.

To our frontline healthcare professionals, this virus is no different than the other deadly and contagious diseases they already work around, however, they are bound and determined to not let this virus win. For these reasons and much more, we at Veterans Voices of Canada want to say thank you.

The Covid-19 pandemic is something that hits close to home for all of us, especially if you have loved ones who are healthcare professionals. My spouse is a Registered Nurse at the Red Deer Regional Hospital and has had no choice but to handle the many stresses and changes the coronavirus has brought to our local hospital and community. I hear the latest updates and understand the sacrifices these warriors give on a daily basis to protect the public as much as the patients at the hospital. I’ve also heard about the shortages in the necessary equipment the hospital has in treating Covid-19 patients and realized Veterans Voices of Canada wanted to help with that issue.

Veterans Voices of Canada has always been about honoring and paying tribute to those who have sacrificed so much for their country. Normally, our focus has been on honouring our past and present Veterans by documenting their stories and paying tribute to them as part of our annual Flags of Remembrance event. However, we feel it is very important and necessary to show our support to the frontline healthcare professionals during the Covid-19 pandemic and acknowledge their sacrifices and efforts to protect our country are appreciated. Therefore, Veterans Voices of Canada is proud to announce Flags of Unity, a memorial and tribute towards past and present frontline healthcare workers working during the Covid-19 pandemic. This amazing site will be in the form of an international flag line, in accompaniment with our Canadian provincial and territorial flags, to symbolize how frontline healthcare professionals from around the world are working together to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Since this is not all about Veterans Voices of Canada, Flags of Unity will be a special fundraiser to support our local hospital. The Red Deer Regional Hospital is in dire need of mechanical ventilators in their intensive care unit for both the care of covid-19 and acutely ill patients. We are looking to donate 50% after costs of our tribute towards the acquisition of a mechanical ventilator. We are asking for our community members to support us by paying honour to your healthcare hero in the form of a Flags of Unity plaque. If you do not have one person in mind, there will be a list of fallen healthcare workers from around the world to also choose from, including fallen Canadian heroes.

We are asking for a minimum donation of $250 for these Flags of Unity plaques of honour. Of those we have already spoken to, many are enthusiastic about being a part of and supporting something that is giving back to our community in a positive way. We understand that in light of everything, tough times have fallen on too many Canadians lately who still want to help us reach our goal of helping in the purchase of a new mechanical ventilator for our local hospital.

Therefore, any general donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated and makes a difference in us attaining our goal. All of the sponsors/donors would be given thanks to each via a Facebook page as well as on our organizational website ( Thank you in advance to all those who are in support of Flags of Unity.

The exposure this would give our medical front liners will be phenomenal to say the least.

With your help,we are making a difference!