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This initiative is made possible by the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th, a collaboration between:



the Government of Canada, and extraordinary leaders from coast to coast to coast.



Although Remembrance Day is one day out of the year, Veterans Voices of Canada strives to help Canadians Remember our Veterans and all that they sacrificed throughout the year. This is a costly, but important endeavour. Please donate and help us in “Keeping History Alive”.


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What people say

Bill Bale, WW2 Veteran
As a survivor of the carnage of WW2, I feel that you are giving me a voice to speak to future generations, including my own great-great-grandchildren, about the horrors of war and hope they will turn out to be a more peaceful generation. Keep up your good work…

Joan Smith, RCAF, Women’s Division
Thank you for including me in your Veterans Voices of Canada project. I enjoyed myself, and surprised myself! I hope you have as much fun with your project as I had telling you my story. I think your goal of capturing war stories will be treasured for many generations to come.

Alison Bale
I’ve been meaning to write awhile now. Thanks you for making the DVD of my dad, Bill Bale. I guess Vets don’t always want to talk about things that were so sad, and that a lot of us “normal” people who haven’t seen war can’t understand. I think he has been more open in the last few years and I thank your video also for helping me understand.

Anna Umlah
Thank you for all you’ve done. Your kindness and empathy with Vic Shea leaves a warm feeling in my heart for all of your efforts. I wanted to let you know how pleased Vic was after the interview. His words to me were, “Now I don’t have to keep remembering…it is recorded.” On behalf of all Veterans you are a caring special person. Many thanks!

Norva Landry, RCAF Women’s Division
Thank you, I enjoyed the project. The only complaint…my 95 year old face!

Penny Highet, Former Teacher
Thank you for all you are doing to preserve the stories of the brave! Teaching history is challenge, but when done through story…it is remembered!


Jeannette Giesbrecht, Constituency Assistant to George Rogers, MLA Leduc/Beaumont/Devon
Our office has been involved with Veterans Voices of Canada for more than a year, during which time we donate space on several occasions. I have found Allan Cameron to be very diligent and professional in his pursuit to archive the experiences of our Veterans.
I have no doubt this organization will serve to not only immortalize and commemorate the sacrifices made by Veterans, but also to educate future generations.

Corliss Olson, PHD
In 2007, Allan interviewed my Dad Andrew Olson, a member of the First Special Service Forces, later dubbed “The Devil’s Brigade”. Allan makes the Veterans feel very comfortable, encouraging unfolding of the narrative. There have been over a dozen books written on the force, but nothing makes the stories come to life to life as powerfully as a Veteran sharing in his own words. Sadly, my father has passed away but I am so grateful to have the video not only as historical importance but a cherished memento. I urge you to contact Veterans Voices of Canada to ensure the Veteran in your family is a part of it.


Holly Usselman
I can’t express to you how much the DVD you did on my father Arthur Wilson means to me. It is a legacy that will be passed on down through the generations. What a wonderful project you have taken on! I realize it must be very time consuming for you. The past must not be forgotten, and you have found a way to keep it alive. Don’t stop until you have interviewed every Veteran you can reach. Thank you again for such a huge impact you have made on our family’s history!

Scott Sadler, Onoway Royal Canadian Legion
Our VP and I took last Saturday and personally delivered the DVD interviews to the Veterans. The child like smiles and high spirits were quite neat. Sir, I wish you could have been there. The accolades were all for you. Outstanding work!