The Beginning


 I’ve always been a history buff, largely due to the influence of my mom talking about her Great Uncle who was was killed in France and my dad talking about his 3 brothers and sister who served.

There, the fire was ignited.

I began my television career in 1994 as a cameraman. I felt it was time to speak to my Uncle, Perley Cameron about his overseas experience. For the first time ever, he was ready to tell his story. Sadly, this never was to be. He passed away before I had the chance.

One of the last things he said to me was “Allan, you are doing a good thing, keep doing this. Let youth of today know the sacrifices our Veterans made.” Those words will forever drive me forward.

In 2005, I was ready. I left news and went full speed ahead and the Memories Recovered Project was born. On June 24, 2011, we re-branded to Veterans Voices of Canada and became a registered non-profit. I’ve been travelling coast to coast and have documented the stories of over 1,000 Veterans. Many more wait to be interviewed.

My mission? To document our Canadian military Veterans on camera for history and education, to be donated to schools, museums and libraries.

Allan Cameron,

Veterans Voices of Canada 



Allan Cameron, Executive Director/Producer

Allan is the Founding Executive Director and Producer for Veterans Voices of Canada. He began his career in broadcasting with Global Television Atlantic from 1994 to 1999. Upon leaving Nova Scotia he travelled across Canada working as a freelance cameraman/producer for national broadcasters and video production companies. Being an admitted lifelong history buff, in late 2005 he pursued his dream to meet, interview and document Canadian military Veterans for history and education. He now lives in and is based out of Sylvan Lake, Alberta.