The Beginning

I’ve always been a history buff, largely due to the influence of my mom talking about her Great Uncle who was was killed in France, and my dad talking about his three brothers and sister who served overseas during the Second World War.

There, the fire was ignited.

I began my television career in 1992 as a broadcast cameraman. I felt it was time to speak to my Uncle, Perley Cameron about his overseas experience. For the first time ever, he was ready to tell his story. Sadly, this never was to be. He passed away before I had the chance.

One of the last things he said to me was,

“You are doing an important thing. Let  the kids of today know the sacrifices our boys made.”

His words (and my mothers teaching) will forever drive me forward. Since then, I’ve realized that there were many women who served in many different way.

In 2005, I was ready. Combining my broadcasting experience and being a history “nerd”, I pushed forward to form an organization which would eventually become a registered educational charity called Veterans Voices of Canada.

What initially started as a personal project to document the stories of our Canadian veterans, has turned into an organization which honors veterans and their service in many different ways; travelling coast to coast and documenting the stories of  the Veterans from the Second World War to veterans of the war in Afghanistan.

Our mission? To honor our past and present Veterans through on camera historical documentation, tributes and educational displays throughout the year. This incudes our more recent History interest and Learning Centre, or “Micro Museum”.

There is still so much work to do and history to teach. Veterans Voices of Canada will continue to do just that.



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All Veterans have a story, and we at Veterans Voices of Canada would like to give them the opportunity to tell it through our professional video documentation. From WW2 to recent Veterans, we feel it is very important to document their story for history. Many RCMP Veterans have served in military capacity, and we would like to document their story along with their military brothers and sisters.

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