Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Ceremonies

On January 22, 2013, Al Cameron, Executive Director/Producer of Veterans Voices of Canada received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Edson Leader Article

IMedia TV Spotlight – Veterans Appreciation Day

See how one man is trying to keep the history and stories of thousands of those who fought for our freedoms, alive for years to come..

Video courtesy of iMediaTV

Veterans Appreciation Day 2012

MVPA support for the Veterans Voices of Canada. Units in the Video include, 5 Ton AM General, M1010, Bedford, Iltis, 1942 Humber Mark IV, M38A1CDN3, M37.

Remembrance Day 2011 – Lacombe, AB

Veterans Voices of Canada was able to be in attendance in Lacombe for their Remembrance Day Celebration.

Mike Joosten

This  interview with  Mike Joosten, forced labourer during WW2, was recorded in 2010.